IQ4H2 is dedicated to the safe and effective deployment of hydrogen products and systems.

In the past few years, momentum has gained around the use of hydrogen as a low carbon alternative to conventional fuels and as a supplement to intermittent renewable generation. This momentum brings about opportunity and investment at a scale that has not been experienced in the industry to date. As companies wrestle with new strategies, roles, and responsibilities within an industry that has traditionally been dominated by industrial gas suppliers, there is a need for specialized experts to assist with the direction of ambitious hydrogen pursuits. Cue the innovation team at IQ4H2 – a specialized compilation of hydrogen systems, controls, safety, and codes & standards experts.

IQ4H2 focuses on three core areas of product or system development: Technology Acceleration, Product Commercialization, and Safety & Optimization. IQ4H2 is not a consulting group; instead, the team focuses on specific areas of product or system development that a company needs to accelerate their product line. These needs could be as complex as generating entire controls architecture, sourcing PLCs/HMIs, and creating data platforms or as simple as understanding how Codes & Standards will affect the acceptance and performance of a hydrogen product.

The goal of IQ4H2 is to assist companies with making their commercial products as future proof as possible within the boundaries of an extremely dynamic market. In the absence of industry standardization, subject matter experts reign supreme and IQ4H2 can deliver on just about any type of hydrogen system. The team specializes in the production, distribution, and end-use of many types of hydrogen systems.

Technology Acceleration

Innovative Ideas + Performance Data Platforms = Innovative Products

The backbone of IQ4H2’s Technology Acceleration efforts is data. IQ4H2’s D3 Platform stresses the importance of data driven decisions within product development, deployment, and continuous improvement. The IQ4H2 team will sit down with clients and work on how to collect data, what data is most important, and how the data will be used for future decision making. If the data doesn’t exist, which is often the case in early markets, IQ4H2 will work with clients on test programs to generate the needed data to move forward.

Retrospectively evaluating data decisions and leveraging data to ensure a product can move as quickly as possible is key to successful hydrogen deployments. IQ4H2’s vision is to receive long-term data evaluation commitments to ensure a steady stream of continuous improvement ideas throughout a product’s lifetime and development cycle. IQ4H2 must identify key data and set up platforms to evaluate and accommodate or these long-term commitments won’t be executed. Unlike a consulting firm that may make some suggestions and then disengage, IQ4H2 is looking to have “skin in the game” towards a product’s success in the hydrogen market.

Product Commercialization

Product development through IQ4H2 – Optimize the 1st to sell more confidently the next.

IQ4H2 brings experience across the hydrogen value chain through optimization efforts. Too often in the nascent hydrogen market companies develop black box solutions without consideration for systems integration and field functionality. Production companies overlooking compression and storage, distribution companies missing what is needed to safely offload/fill systems, and end-users not understanding the infrastructure requirements for their ambitions – too many times projects are under planned which ultimately leads them to be overbudget once the project has started. IQ4H2 plans on working from the ground up on improving this issue across the whole hydrogen value chain. The goal is to work directly with manufacturers on developing sub-systems that match and optimize their product line.

IQ4H2 is confident enough in their ability to help commercialize integrated systems around existing IP that they offer Shared Innovation Contracts. These types of contracts have a built-in payback to clients on the initial project costs before shifting to a shared licensing agreement. This approach means both companies have a stake in the products’ success and even leads to IQ4H2 to help monetize and market the product. Again… did we mention we aren’t a consulting company?

Your company’s issues aren’t with your product but with what is connected to your product – IQ4H2 can help.

Safety & Optimization

Optimized design that embraces safety.

The harsh reality of an emerging market is that it will take one incident to ruin your company’s name and it will take a handful of incidents to bring the whole industry to a stop. DON’T BE THAT COMPANY! A good system design consists of several factors, but safety is always at the forefront. IQ4H2 leverages hands-on experience, modeling, and data to push hydrogen system design without any compromises to safety. Know-how around Codes & Standards, best practices, and safety can be used to a client’s advantage, especially when marketing new products to potential customers. The SMEs at IQ4H2 work directly with clients on optimizing components, instrumentation, and controls schemes to get the best out of hydrogen products.

About IQ4H2

Meet The Team:

Mike Peters

Member/Team Principal

Mike is a leading subject matter expert (SME) in hydrogen systems integration. He has over a decade of experience working as an applied researcher and won a Department of Energy (DOE) award for Technology Acceleration while at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). He has applied his expertise on projects from hydrogen production to end-use and everything in-between. His previous roles have led to numerous advances of hydrogen technologies including demonstrating electrolyzers as distributed energy resources (DERs) within the grid, leading a medium-/heavy-duty modeling and hardware test program for Class 8 trucks, and leading a 30+ partner hydrogen blending project for the U.S. Department of Energy. Mike and his IQ4H2 team will be exponentially extending BrainDrip’s market lead as designers, engineers, developers, and implementors of innovative products for the safe and effectual distribution and storage of highly compressed hydrogen.

Cory Kreutzer

Technical Director

Cory is a subject matter expert (SME) in hydrogen systems integration and has diverse background in mechanical engineering, chemistry, computational science, and business. Cory has an extensive history in applied research and development on energy systems including system design, safety assessment, product development and optimization, and control system design, with an emphasis on renewable energy systems. While at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Cory received awards for the technology acceleration of hydrogen electrolyzer systems and was also recognized for the development of innovations leading to multiple patents. In addition, he was the technical point of contact and manager for applied engineering hydrogen infrastructure group, composed of approximately 20 engineers with an annual funding pipeline of $5-10 million. Prior to his work in NREL's hydrogen infrastructure team, Cory was a principal investigator in thermal systems for advanced vehicle platforms. In addition, he was a research associate at the Powerhouse Energy Campus at Colorado State University where he evaluated the combustion performance of stationary engines, developed biomass driven cookstoves for third world applications, and developed control and data acquisition systems for experimental apparatus throughout the facility. Cory holds a bachelors degree in chemistry from the Colorado School of Mines and masters degree from Colorado State University.

Hadi Zanddizari, Ph. D.

Principal ML/AI Systems Engineer

Hadi holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida with a strong background in AI/ML and signal processing. He was a former AI/ML specialist at Ford Motor Company, specializing in optimizing sensor values for ADAS driving systems using reinforcement learning and supervised learning techniques. He has extensive research experience in NLP, especially in LLM for the creation of question-answering chatbot agents. Hadi served as a Senior Research Technician at the Cyber Center of Security and Analytics. His industrial experience includes a deep understanding of computer vision, covering object detection, semantic segmentation, and image classification, along with expertise in machine learning algorithms.

Tyler Husko

Principal Engineer - Control Systems

Tyler is a Principal Engineer in charge of control systems for BrainDrip. He specializes in industrial controls, ladder logic, and PLC/HMI integration. In the past year, he successfully integrated the complex Mobile Onsite Factory for BrainDrip’s SG Liner technology. Tyler has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and an MBA from the University of Alabama.

Daniel Sawyer

Senior Software Engineer

Daniel is a Software Engineering consultant with a background in industrial automation. Daniel has led the design, development, and deployment of software on machines for top companies in the defense, medical, food and beverage, and entertainment sectors. His proficiency extends to machine vision, where he has demonstrated adeptness in deploying systems that leverage both 2D and 3D sensor technologies, with and without the integration of deep learning. Daniel is well-versed in both IEC-1311 controls languages and a variety of conventional programming languages, including C++, C#, Python, and Javascript. Daniel has a BS degree in Biomedical Engineering from George Washington University and a BS degree in Computer Science from University of North Florida.

Dr. John Norton

Principal Engineer – Civil

As a 30+ year SME in mechanical and civil engineering, author and keynote speaker Dr. John is a true asset to the IQ4H2 team in organizing, fine tuning and enhancing feasibility and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) studies. John is a Professional Engineer with a PhD in Civil Infrastructure Systems from the University of Michigan.

IQ4H2 continues to expand its extensive support team through strategic partnerships and on-going efforts in the hydrogen space. The support team includes SMEs in industrial controls, hydrogen production, safety, Codes & Standards, material compatibility, PHA/HAZOPs, and many more areas. The growing team brings in expertise on a project-by-project basis as needed.

Kent Weisenberg

Managing Member / System Architect

Kent is the managing member of IQ4H2. As the Managing Member and Team Principal of BrainDrip, IQ4H2’s parent company, he provides a bridge of subject matter expertise between the companies. Kent has over 37 years of experience as a successful designer, engineer, and developer of pipeline and pressure vessel related technologies. As a sole named inventor on over 50 US and foreign patents for innovative devices, formulations, and methodologies, he assures that IQ4H2 clients optimize their intellectual property portfolio.