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About Us

Our Beginning

The BrainDrip Team would like to thank you for visiting our website. BrainDrip LLC was founded as employee-owned research, development, implementation, and IP firm with a sanctioned but casual creative platform. This creative stage was set as the incubator for the team to openly collaborate, explore ideas, accumulate associated concepts, and further expand and develop these concepts to meet the precise material, device, implementation & intellectual property guidelines to meet internal specifications and to substantially benefit the renewable energy industry, planet, and humankind. BrainDrip is currently on the path to fast-track proof of concepts and pilot programs for possibly the most novel and technologically advanced fusions of artificial intelligence, machine learning, materials, devices, and methodologies in the renewable energy sectors worldwide. As you will note below, the ease and efficacy of this expeditious transformation are solely credited to the subject matter expertise and entrepreneurial spirits of the BrainDrip team.

Our Values

In reflection of our portfolio being inclusive of over 40 published US/foreign patents and multiple patent applications, we hope that our validated proficiencies provide you interest but most importantly, trust in the foundation and efficacy of our novel and disruptive technologies. Equally, we hope that our core values affect the same trust in our conviction to kindness, diversity, and respect in and of our craft:

  • Excellence and Innovation
  • Passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Straightforwardness, and open communication
  • A sense of fun and an appreciation of a balanced life
  • Delivery of our promises to our partners, our customers, and ourselves
  • A passion for what we do and the value we deliver

BrainDrip News – Your Pipeline to Innovation…

BrainDrip is an active member of the Center for Hydrogen Safety, which is a global nonprofit resource that supports and promotes the safe handling and use of hydrogen across industrial and consumer applications in the energy transition.


SG Liner™ – Technology Overview and Updates:

The SG Stage I and Stage II Liners are produced entirely onsite in our radical and responsible, hydrogen-battery-solar- hybrid - Mobile Onsite Factory (MOF). The MOF is a self-contained automated manufacturing facility and is truly mobile, with DOT certification and a jobsite surface footprint about the size of a shipping container. Uniquely, the MOF does not require pre-manufactured thermoplastic pipe sections or prefab liners on large spools for production or installation, nor does it realize the associated transportation costs, labor, emissions, and large jobsite footprint as required by these methods. Conversely, the SG Liner is tailored specifically to the host pipe diameter(s), media(s) to be transmitted, and the required regulatory and operational parameters and all is completed entirely onsite. This radically revolutionary methodology allows for the utilization of any thermoplastic, fluoropolymer, or similar materials, as well as the utilization of recycled and bio-based materials, lending it to be by far, the most versatile and environmentally responsible liner system available globally.

The SG Liner’s development was guided by PHMSA design factors and the utilization all PHMSA Class Locations specific to the transmission and or line pack storage of H₂, as well as being applicable for RNG, CO₂ and Ammonia. The project was also guided, by our drive to design a liner system for renewable energies that offers dramatically increased pipeline safety, environmental/climate protection, public toleration, versatility, intelligence, and cost savings, as compared to contemporary pipe lining systems.


Utilizing our radical and patent pending Micro-Rope torsion carbon fiber reinforcement, the SG Liner is capable of both static and dynamic long term pressure ratings of more than 5,000 psi. Our Micro-Rope reinforcement provides a nearly 65% greater breaking efficiency and 3x greater breaking load than carbon fiber/aramid tows or bi-directional fabrics. Equally, the Micro-Rope reinforcement is appointed in specific assembly to loading as opposed to bi-directional fabrics. This specific orientation dramatically increases hoop, thrust and creep resistance as well as the long-term property retention required for highly cyclic pressure environments such as hydrogen transmission and storage, thus dramatically increasing the design life, pressure rating and safety factor of the SG Liner.


The SG Liner is an innervated composite structure utilizing a vast array of embedded and uninterrupted sensing matrixes paired to AI/ML interrogation systems. These novel systems provide the pipeline owner or operator with encroachment, operational, simulated finite element analysis (FEA) and leak detection data instantaneously and with pinpoint localization. BrainDrip has also developed patent pending post installation technologies for adding additional safety through intrinsic strain attenuation, host pipe stabilization and environmental protections, which we will touch more on in our next tech update.


We are excited to announce that in May 2022, that BrainDrip executed a partnership to produce Mobile Onsite Factories (MOF’s) at our IQ4H2 Lab in Jacksonville, Fl. Upon the first MOF’s completion the unit will be directly utilized on pipeline regeneration project in Q/2 2023, for the commercial implementation of our disruptive SG Liner technology. This energizing new partnership will focus on the deployment of the SG Liner’s novel materials and methodologies for the renewal and regeneration of existing pipelines with diameters from 4" to 36" for the efficient transmission and line pack storage of green hydrogen.


Additional technical, intellectual property and projection information is available in our confidential presentation which is available upon request.

SG Coil™ – Technology Overview and Updates:

In parallel to the commercialization of the SG Liner technology, BrainDrip continues to move towards sanctioning vertical integration for the implementation of our final design and prototype of the highly disruptive intellectual property development, the SG Coil for localized energy storage. The SG coil is an adaptation of our novel SG Liner technology, which includes adapting the incorporation of an autonomously manufactured and auto attuned, innervated tubular composite structure (ITC) which is fabricated onsite and synchronously appointed in a coiled coordination for the safe and effectual high-volume storage of Hydrogen and other gaseous commodities.


For hydrogen, the novel design of the SG Coil is scalable to any desired capacity providing over eighty-two thousand kilograms per level, per acre and for RNG, twelve thousand mcf, per acre, per level. Equally, the novel design affords a continuous pressure container with minimal instrumentation, connections, and valving, thus dramatically reducing the potential failure points as compared to tanks, vessel containers or tube trailers. The compact nature and high-pressure rating of the coil means that you can store much more fuel, in far less space, much more safely. The ability to segment the coil allows operators to expand their storage as their facility demands change while also providing an additional level of safety. This intrinsic manageability allows operators to convert sections of the coil to different constituents over time. This is especially useful for companies looking to decarbonize, starting with a coil for natural gas and incrementally converting to facilitate their decarbonization transition. Once constructed, the SG gas coil is a low cost and highly effective way to scale the storage of the fuels needed at distributed energy sites while also allowing for the storage of multiple constituents in both high and low-pressure setting, offering the end user greater flexibility.

sg-localized-2 sg-localized-2

The SG Coil is both manufactured and installed onsite utilizing a battery-hydrogen - hybrid, Autonomous Manufacturing Vehicle or AMV. The AMV utilizes auto-attuned in-line manufacturing for the production and precise appointment of the Innervated Tubular Composite or ITC. This novel system is controlled by a GNSS inertial navigation system, with dynamic motion algorithms, 3D models and embedded software systems. The AMV segmented chassis and drive systems are a cooperative array of individually driven mecanum wheels. This horizontally opposed propulsion array affords omni-directional motion and positioning of the AMV while precisely navigating the advancing radius of the ITC in permanence throughout the completed coil.


The embedded software utilizes a fusion of AI, ML and CV in sensor aggregation to determine position, velocity, absolute orientation, as well as the pitch, roll and yaw of all segmented machine platforms. The manufacturing components are mounted on independent and interconnected articulating platforms. This novel feature interfaced with the articulating forming mandrel allows the ITC to be manufactured in an auto-attuned radius of permanence, thus affording radically increased resistance to axial and radial loading from internal pressure.


The SG Coil can be installed at grade or more typically as a sub-terra system, thus affording reutilization of nearly one hundred percent of the surface disturbed during installation while providing an additional level of safety. This also provides the initial surface area to be utilized for solar panel arrays or even wind turbines thus providing net zero energy storage capabilities.

Equally, the sub-terra installation provides full access to all levels via sealed entries providing forklift access, overhead gantries, and similar equipment, for all maintenance and inspection related tasks.


BrainDrip is excited to announce that in June of 2022, we were issued a contract for a feasibility study regarding the localized storage of renewable energies utilizing the SG Coil. 


Additional technical, intellectual property and projection information is available in our confidential presentation which is available upon request.

Fiber Optic Deployment Tool (FODT)™ & Interrogation Systems: Technology Overview and Updates:

In collaboration with the University of Pittsburg’s Swanson School of Engineering focus on associated interrogation systems, the BrainDrip team continues to make excellent progress in the final ideation and subsequent commercialization of their novel and disruptive fiber optic deployment tool (FODT). The FODT system is revolutionary in that it is the first technology globally capable of autonomously storing, installing, and embedding optical fiber to the interior surface of existing pipelines. Existing commercial sensing, interrogation and monitoring systems deploy optical fiber externally on the surface or in proximity to the pipeline. This external optical fiber installation highly limits the amount and the value of information that can be extracted from the existing pipeline through interrogation.


The robotic internal deployment tool is a self-contained, battery-powered, semi-autonomous robotic device that can propel in a range of pipe diameters to install and embed an optical fiber inside existing pipelines. The current beta version offers fiber optic installation and embedment speeds of 15 feet/minute and installation distances of over 5000 linear feet in a single deployment. The FODT was successfully demonstrated recently at the University of Pittsburg in a pipeline to enable installation and testing of the team’s novel AI/ML fusion interrogation and simulated FEA innervated technologies. The U of Pitt team has developed both distributed, and quasi-distributed acoustic sensor systems for pipeline monitoring applications. This enables added safety and integrity monitoring to new and legacy pipelines with pinpoint precise localization.

The FODT system was originally designed and developed for the natural gas pipeline sector. More specifically to allow pipeline owners and operators the economical and efficient integration of the embedded sensing and interrogation systems inside new or aging existing pipeline systems. The FODT now affords pipeline owners and operators to meet the Pipeline Modernization and Consumer Protection Act as well as other recently implemented federal and state pipeline compliance mandates effectively and efficiently. Recent advancements in the FODT development and IP, however, have opened a much broader spectrum of applicability for the system in all PHMSA regulated pipelines as well as private and municipal water, sewer and stormwater systems as well as tunneling applications. Equally, it has been highlighted how effectively and efficiently the FODT system could be implemented as an integral part of all pipeline rehabilitation methodologies. Utilization of the FODT and associated interrogation systems now offers a factor of dynamic intelligence to pipelines/lining systems as compared to what is currently static and obtuse pipeline rehab materials and methodologies regarding intelligence and monitoring. Newly enacted regulations for pipeline safety created a need for a novel apparatus and method for installing and embedding such continuous sensors inside the pipelines with novel distributed sensing technologies and the team has now met that challenge. This collaborative partnership with the University of Pittsburg has yielded new synergy which serves as a strong foundation of collaborations for continuing technology development and commercialization efforts for interrogation systems for pipelines and storage vessels.


Additional technical, intellectual property and projection information is available in our confidential presentation which is available upon request.

BrainDrip's Conceptual Focus

The core creative and development emphasis of BrainDrip's team centers around four fundamental subject matter classifications; materials, systematization, automation, and deployment. Independent of category charge, projects are invariably filtered and attuned with our core benchmarks of safety, environment, humankind, industry betterment, and commercial efficacy.

The BrainDrip Team

By design, the BrainDrip team is made up of a diverse group of engineers and scientists in relation to age, culture, education, and experience. BrainDrip's founder feels strongly that this balance of diversity is highly critical to the efficacy of the conceptualization–to–patent/commercialization process. Fundamentally, this resulting unique, creative, and analytical human composite provides an inherent and valued system of checks and balances for creating the optimal product. The BrainDrip team utilizes this incalculable combination of education, experience, and teamwork which allows them first to understand the industry needs and then evolve the conceptualization process to meet parallel market demands as well as industry requirements. Utilizing the most advanced modeling, design, and manufacturing tools available, the BrainDrip team creates optimized material, deployment, and dispersal systems through accurate stress, strain, and fracture analyses of materials, composites, assemblies, and structures to develop innovative solutions based on highly specified performance criteria. This proven methodology results in clearly defined product specifications, proof of concepts, and to-scale field systems with commercial efficacy.

Meet The Team:

Kent Weisenberg

Managing Member / Team Principal

Wes Cate

Partner/Chief Business Development Officer

Ty Youmans

Assistant Engineering Manager

Lin Li, Ph. D.

Principal Engineer – Mechanical/Structural

Ibrahiim Syed

Principal Engineer – Design

Tyler Husko, MBA

Principal Engineer – Electrical/Embedded Systems/Finance

Reed Campbell

Principal Engineer – AI Systems

Corbin Tremblay

Principal Engineer – Mechanical Assemblies

Tulika Khanikar, Ph. D.

Innervated Systems & Interrogation

John Norton, Ph. D. PE

Principal Engineer – Civil

Tiffany Laufer

Executive Engineering Assistant

Ji Tang, Ph. D.

Principal Analyst

Simon Bogason

Principal Engineer – Automation

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