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Our Beginning

Welcome to the BrainDrip website and thank you for your interest. BrainDrip LLC sprouted as an employee-owned powerhouse focused on research, development, implementation, and intellectual property. We pride ourselves on a uniquely sanctioned yet relaxed creative platform, allowing our team to pool resources, brainstorm, and nurture ideas.

Our Goal

To propel the hydrogen and renewable energy sector by innovating at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cutting-edge materials, devices, and methodologies. Our swift and efficient transition into this realm is a testament to the unparalleled expertise and pioneering spirit of the BrainDrip team.

Our Values

With a portfolio boasting over 40 published patents both in the US and internationally, our hope is for our proven competencies to earn your trust. But beyond our tech, we're passionate about kindness, diversity, and respect in our craft. Our core values include:

  • Excellence and Innovation
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Transparent and open communication
  • Work-life balance and a touch of fun
  • Accountability to our partners, customers, and ourselves
  • Passion for delivering unparalleled value

BrainDrip News – Your Pipeline to Innovation…

Braindrip and IQ4H2 have developed the first-of-its-kind full scale pipeline and pressure vessel permeation test apparatus aimed at real-world characterization of samples scaling up to 40 feet in length. As opposed to oversimplified small sample coupon testing, the testing capability captures bulk performance which includes the effects of manufacturing such as thermoplastic fusion joints, non-uniform elements such as variations in reinforcement thickness, vessel geometry, bulk polymer properties, application pressure and temperature, and junctions of vessels with end couplings. The permeation test apparatus is rated for characterization of fuel gas applications including natural gas and has been specifically designed for hydrogen applications and its unique properties. In addition, the permeation test apparatus is designed to characterize the selective permeation of gas blends, providing chemical species composition in applications such as gas blends. This testing capability is ideally suited for providing accurate measurements of the loss of a gaseous product from a monetary and safety standpoint and determination of emissions rates for products that have regulatory requirements or expected environmental impacts.

The key features of the permeation test apparatus are therefore the following:

  • Real-world performance of vessels in representative operating conditions
  • Characterization of design elements that are not captured with flat sample testing
  • Accurate measurements to eliminate the cost and regulatory risk of inaccurate extrapolation of small sample testing

Booking for the novel permeation test capability is now open for evaluations starting in Q3 of 2024. Contact BrainDrip/IQ4H2 for further information and to discuss your permeation characterization needs.


SG Liner™ – Technology Overview and Updates:

What’s behind the Blue IP curtain? It is a game-changing Mobile Onsite Factory (MOF). The MOF is a cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and highly mobile manufacturing facility. What makes it stand out? The ability to quickly mobilize, set up, install miles of SG Liner, and then move to the next access in less than a day, and then ‘rinse and repeat’. Less in length than a city bus, the MOF does not just create the smallest job site and environmental footprint, and the fastest (6 fpm – 25 fpm) and most diameter versatile (6” to 36”) onsite production in the industry. The totality of the MOF’s and SG Liner’s competitive differentiators are an order of magnitude of improvement over contemporary systems. The ability to tailor the composite liners on-site without the need to utilize pre-made pipe sections or spools, affords significant savings on manufacturing costs and transport costs as well as a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Moreover, the SG Liner’s design is inspired by the rigorous PHMSA standards, ensuring safety, integrity, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness.

A notable feature of the SG Liner is our novel Micro-Rope™ carbon fiber reinforcement, which significantly enhances it’s the SG Liner’s design efficiency, pressure rating, strain response and design life. Plus, its innate innervated ocular filament sensing matrix coupled with AI/ML H2 leak detection and physics-based modeling systems, offers operators real-time insights and precise localization, ensuring the utmost in safety and efficiency.

Recent news: The MOF deployment and subsequent SG Liner installation far exceeded all expectations at a major hydrogen conversion project for the future transition of an 18” oil pipeline over to highly compressed hydrogen transmission in June of this year.

Innervated Tubular Composite (ITC) Localized Hydrogen Storage – Technology Overview and Updates:


The photo above shows multiple 18” diameter x 300 ft. ITC vertical storage vessel prototypes produced by our Portable Manufacturing Platform (PMP) and being readied for bore insertion field testing. The model on the right demonstrates our ITC vessel layers with steel compression coupler installed.

Parallel to the SG Liner, we're making revolutionary strides with the ITC horizontal, vertical, and coiled energy storage solutions. These linear ITC composite vessel systems offer high volume, versatile storage solutions for Hydrogen and other gases. The ITC’s novel design increases storage volumes while conversely minimizing potential failure points by an order of magnitude as compared to H2 tube trailers, vessel racks and vessel container systems. This makes the ITC safer and more space-efficient, while affording nearly 82,000 kg of hydrogen storage per acre-per level at a per kilogram capital cost reduction of over 25% compared to contemporary hydrogen storage systems. To locally store 82,000 kg of Hydrogen would require around one hundred seventeen (117) hydrogen tube trailers / vessel containers / vessel racks and 7 acres of laydown area as compared to 1 acre with the ITC vessel system. 

Manufacturing of the ITC Vessel Systems is made possible through our Portable Manufacturing Platform (PMP) or our Autonomous Manufacturing Vehicle or AMV, which are equipped with cutting-edge autonomous navigation, auto attuned manufacturing and AI, CV, and ML - QA/QC systems, ensuring precision and integrity at every step. The ITC storage systems designs allow them to be easily incorporated into various settings, platforms, configurations, and subterranean options offering enhanced safety, increased capacity, and environmental benefits.

Recent News: In 2023, we completed a contract with the submittal of an 86-page feasibility study through IQ4H2, for the utilization of the ITC storage systems for localized renewable energy storage. The results were, and to quote our client, “incredibly exciting”. Our governmental client is currently evaluating commencement dates for full FEED study and onsite pilot project.

Fiber Optic Deployment Tool (FODT)™ & Interrogation Systems: Technology Overview and Updates:


In collaboration with our wholly owned subsidiary IQ4H2, LLC, we're bringing to fruition, the FODT and our innervated systems for composite liners and vessels. The FDOT tool is transformative, allowing for the internal embedding of continuous innervated ocular filaments in pipelines, an unachieved feat by current systems. Our novel interrogation software, hardware and ocular filament systems are the same as utilized in our embedded networks in SG Liner, ITC Storage Vessels or utilized in existing legacy or new pipeline systems by way of FODT installation. Providing our technologies and clients with 24/7/365 data updates every second for encroachment, corrosion, temperature, flow, pressure, leaks, all with precision localization. 

Additionally, we are the industry groundbreaker and leader in the development of physics-based modeling interrogation software platforms for pipeline and composite liner strain, fatigue, cyclic analysis/recording, predictive modeling, and risk assessment. This is a true industry revolution for safety and resiliency, and integrity/risk management.


BrainDrip's Conceptual Focus

BrainDrip's essence revolves around four pillars: materials, systematization, automation, and implementation. Whatever the project, we're committed to ensuring safety, environmental sustainability, human welfare, industry progression, and commercial success.

The BrainDrip Team

Our team is a melting pot of diverse talents, experiences, and perspectives. We believe this rich tapestry is our strength, enabling us to look at challenges from various angles and craft unparalleled solutions. By harnessing advanced tools and methodologies, we convert abstract concepts into tangible innovations with market relevance.

Meet The Team:

Kent Weisenberg

BrainDrip & IQ4H2
Managing Member / Systems Architect

Mike Peters

Member/Team Principal - IQ4H2

Hadi Zanddizari, Ph. D.

AI/ML Systems Director

Lin Li, Ph. D.

Principal Engineer – Mechanical/Structural

Cory Kreutzer

Member / Technical Director

Wes Cate

Member / Consultant

Ty Youmans

Member / Assistant Engineering Manager

Ibrahiim Syed

Principal Engineer – Design

Tyler Husko, MBA

Member / Principal Engineer – Electrical/Embedded Systems/Finance

Bill Kawasi

Senior Electrical Engineer

Reed Campbell

Principal Engineer – AI Systems

Corbin Tremblay

Principal Engineer – Mechanical Assemblies

Tulika Khanikar, Ph. D.

Innervated Systems & Interrogation

John Norton, Ph. D. PE

Principal Engineer – Civil

Tiffany Laufer

Executive Engineering Assistant

Ji Tang, Ph. D.

Principal Analyst

Anthony Kolbe

Business Analyst

Daniel Sawyer

Senior Software Engineer

Derrick Durbin

Mechanical Engineer

Sean Schoenherr

Mechanical Engineer

Greg Kirchner

Lead Engineering Technician

BrainDrip and IQ4H2 are active members of the Center for Hydrogen Safety, which is a global nonprofit resource that supports and promotes the safe handling and use of hydrogen across industrial and consumer applications in the energy transition.

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