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The BrainDrip Team would like to thank you for visiting our website. We hope that in your review of our technology offerings and ancillary intellectual property that you will find value in our continued commitment to innovative thought. Likewise, and in reflection of our portfolio being inclusive of over 40 published US/foreign patents plus 14 active patent applications, that our validated proficiencies provide you trust in the future efficacy of these new technologies. BrainDrip is currently on the path to fast-track proof of concepts for possibly the most novel and technologically advanced fusions of materials, devices, and methodologies in the energy and environmental sectors worldwide.

Again, we genuinely appreciate your interest and support. Warm Regards, Team BrainDrip.

BrainDrip's Conceptual Focus

The core creative and development emphasis of BrainDrip's team centers around four fundamental subject matter classifications; robotics, materials, deployment, and dispersal. Independent of category charge, projects are invariably filtered and attuned with our core benchmarks of safety, environment, humankind, and industry betterment.








Industry Betterment

About Us

Our Beginning

BrainDrip LLC was founded as employee-owned research, development, implementation, and IP firm with a sanctioned but casual creative platform. This creative stage was set as the incubator for the team to openly collaborate, explore ideas, accumulate associated concepts, and further expand and develop these concepts to meet the precise implementation & intellectual property guidelines as established by the founder. As you will note below, the ease and efficacy of this expeditious transformation are solely credited to the subject matter expertise and entrepreneurial spirits of the BrainDrip team.

Let our Experience, Expertise & Efficacy Work for You

While the BrainDrip Team most generally is busy with the internally developed technologies, they do also offer their experience and subject matter expertise to outside clients on a case-by-case basis. For example, in late 2020, BrainDrip was solicited and then subsequently chosen as an advisor to the US Department of Energy's ARPA-e program. Now working in collaboration with the esteemed University of Pittsburg and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, the BrainDrip team is in the process of designing a proof of concept for a novel remote deployment tool. This innovative design relates to the concurrent installation of embedded fiber optic sensor arrays and their encapsulation within a liner created through supersonic metalized particle deposition.

The BrainDrip team genuinely invites the opportunity to assist you in your development and implementation of novel disruptive technologies. If you have a relatable project or just a concept you would like to expand upon, then please contact us. BrainDrip also offers services for authoring industry standards & practices, design considerations & calculus, part & assembly design & engineering, finite element analysis, analytical modeling, proof of concept, third-party consultation, or just simply providing you with guidance or helpful advice. They would love to hear from you. contact@braindriptech.com.

The BrainDrip Team

By design, the BrainDrip team is made up of a diverse group of engineers in relation to age, culture, education, and experience. BrainDrip's Director and CTO Kent Weisenberg feel strongly that this balance of diversity is highly critical to the efficacy of the conceptualization – to – patent/commercialization process. Fundamentally, this resulting unique, creative, and analytical human composite provides an inherent and valued system of checks and balances for creating the optimal product. The BrainDrip team utilizes this incalculable combination of education, experience, and teamwork which allows them first to understand the industry needs and then evolve the conceptualization process to meet parallel market demands as well as industry requirements. Utilizing the most advanced modeling, design, and manufacturing tools available, the BrainDrip team creates optimized deployment and dispersal systems through accurate stress, strain, and fracture analyses of materials, composites, assemblies, and structures to develop innovative solutions based on highly specified performance criteria. This proven methodology results in clearly defined product specifications, proof of concept, and to-scale field systems.

Meet The Principals:

Kent Weisenberg

Partner, Director & Chief Technology Officer

Wes Cate

Partner & Chief Business Development Officer

Dr. Lin Li

Owner & Chief Mechanical Engineer

Ibrahiim Syed

Owner & Chief Design Engineer

Interested in Our Future
Intellectual Property Opportunities

The BrainDrip team is currently focused on their highly disruptive intellectual property development, Safeguard2. SG2 is an intelligent binary composite for the structural renewal of natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines and for the transition of these pipelines to NG/H2 blends as well as high purity H2 with moderate to ultra-high internal pressure ratings. SG2 is also being adapted and qualified for localized high pressure/high volume coiled storage of CNG, H2 and CO2. The renewal, transition, and storage systems can also be easily adapted for the transmission of media such as natural gas, liquid hydrogen, carbon dioxide, hazardous liquids, water, etc. This novel intelligent composite system is, manufactured onsite with a state of the art mobile/drivable automated factory that is capable of precisely forming and reinforcing feedstock comprised of either traditional materials and or bio-based and or recycled materials therein offering up to a 90% reduction in overall carbon emissions over that of all competitive technologies.

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